Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Fastest Way to New Patients

It occurred to me today, well, OK it was actually about 2:34 AM while I was laying in bed THINKING instead of SLEEPING, that marketing is sometimes backwards.

My clients spend alot of time worrying about their ads, wondering whether they should do a blog or what else they should be doing on the internet to attract patients. While this isn't a bad idea (doing a blog or more on the internet) what's backwards is this: the best marketing is a satisfied patient. Flat out. That's the best thing for any business.

It's surprising to me how little attention is paid to the very tool that guarantees future business--current employees and their skills in personal interaction.

I've experienced, and seen, some of the weirdest and worst patient interactions out there in my visits to my own physicians or other service providers, and in visits to the offices of clients. Staff who don't understand the difference between SELLING services and GUIDING customers to more services. Staff who think the patients are actually a pain in the rear and act accordingly. Staff who cannot speak clearly and/or pleasantly on a telephone. Staff who don't get the "I should smile and be pleasant with customers" basics.

What's that about?

I promise you that the best way to get the next patient is to over-satisfy the patients who are sitting in your office right this very minute. More on this when it's not 5 AM.

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