Friday, May 22, 2009


I find it hard to believe that after all my writing and bugging my clients to write blogs, and writing blogs FOR them that I haven't written in this blog since...uh...wince..DECEMBER. Time sure flies, doesn't it? OK, let's get going.

IT ALWAYS AMAZES ME when the front desk receptionists are sub-par in an aesthetic practice. Whether you are a cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic dentist or cosmetic dermatologist, take a REAL GOOD LOOK at the gals out front.

THIS is what I found at a recent onsite visit to a new client's office. The client will remain nameless to protect their privacy, hehe:
1. Chewing gum in the side of her mouth
2. Her hair in a ponytail which looks like some weird rat's nest thing. ewwww
3. Blackheads
4. Too little makeup (which is why I can see her blackheads)
5. Her shirt looks ALMOST like a jammie top
6. She needs a more supportive brassiere.

Now, I should NOT see these things. Ever.

What does this mean? It means they are the FIRST PERSON to be seen when people get on the bus and the most likely person to crash the bus. GET IT?

NOW, on Tuesday take a GOOD LOOK at the gals out front. And if they look ANYTHING like the one described above, for pity sake, have a little chat. Maybe you need a dress code. Maybe you need to be sure they have access to the products and treatments in the office like chemical or laser peels, microdermabrasion, Jane Iredale or whoever's makeup line you carry (assuming you carry a makeup line), etc.

It's a sensitive thing to tell someone they look like a mess. But hey, think of all the people (mostly women) who come to that front desk and wonder WHY the front desk person does NOT look like a "product of the product"--in other words, they do not look like they belong in an aesthetic practice.

Now go and check this out!

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